A Beautiful Heist by Kim Foster (TLC Book Tour 8)

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Kim Foster, author of A Beautiful Heist, leads a busy life! Being an author is not her full-time job- she’s also a doctor, a mother and a blogger! A Beautiful Heist is the first book in the Agency of Burglary and Theft series- look for the 2nd book summer 2014! To find out more about Kim- visit her website, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest pages.

A Beautiful Heist

Publisher: E-Kensington

Length: 289 pages


Purchase: Amazon, Barnes and Noble

Source: TLC Book Tours

a beautiful heist

Photo Credit: TLC Book Tours

Cat Montgomery- beautiful lady, smart, and has a rewarding career. The only problem is that her career is something that could have her thrown in jail. She’s a jewelry thief! Cat works for Agency of Burglary and Theft- completing jobs for them that other thieves only dream of. Exciting job, dangerous situations, and the need for costumes and disguises- sounds like a good place of employment! Except, that for Cat, part of being a jewelry thief is related back to a childhood memory of her sister.

Cat finds herself in a sticky situation about a sideline- she’s asked to find and steal a Faberge egg from a family- and return it to another family that has been looking for it for many, many years. Cat, agrees for 2 reasons- she needs the money and she feels that doing this will be righting an old wrong. Unbeknownst to Cat, her FBI ex-boyfriend has also been asked to help track down this Faberge egg.

As Cat goes through days of planning for this heist- she enlists the help of Ethan, a smoking hot art thief who is eager to help- but is that all he is eager to help Cat with? Complicating matters further, Cat’s nemesis, Brooke Sinclair, is poking her nose around and determined to make Cat’s life complicated as possible.

Cat’s used to dangerous situations, but finding and stealing this Faberge egg may be the most dangerous she’s been in. Cat knows this: she’s got to be on her A-game and she has to be careful who to trust. Otherwise, this may be the last jewelry heist she attempts.

Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Thieves. Fashion. Romance. Action. Humor. What’s not to like? A Beautiful Heist is cute- it’s not a hard read- it’s a read that a reader picks up when they want to be entertained. It’s not a deep storyline, it’s not a book that requires a reader to think about deeper issues- it’s a book that is pure entertainment. And, for me, that’s a good thing. I like a book with some romance, some bad guys, some good guys- and some mystery as to who is who. Want to be entertained? Want a little eye-candy description to go with the entertainment? Pick up A Beautiful Heist!

*Want to win a copy of A Beautiful Heist? You’re in luck! As part of the A Beautiful Heist TLC Book Blog Tour, each blog is able to give away 1 e-book! To enter: Tell me your favorite “bad guy”! Please put your email in the comment section (you may write it with the AT and DOT). Comments without an email will not be counted. Giveaway ends Sunday night (June 30th) at 11:59pmEST. Winner will be notified on Monday, July1st.

9 thoughts on “A Beautiful Heist by Kim Foster (TLC Book Tour 8)

  1. Gina D says:

    The cover of this book didn’t draw me in, but I like your description that it’s a book to read if you want to be entertained. 🙂

    funmail07 at gmail dot com

  2. I find it ironic that Kensington Publishers would publish this work with the EXACT title of another work. Perhaps publisher should do a Google search before making heist of the title of another work, my work.
    I’m on Amazon. Feel free to look it up. Published Dec 31, 2010.

    • I’m a blogger- I read and review for various publishers- but I do not have any input in titles, any connection to this book- A Beautiful Heist. I simply read the book and reviewed the book.

      While I can understand that you are not happy to learn that there is another book called A Beautiful Heist, I make mention of this: This year, 2013, two books were published with the exact same title, Life After Life. They were published within 1 week of each other.

      Posting to my blog about how upset you are about a book that I just happened to review having the same title of a book you have written is not going to catch Kensignton Publishing attention. Again, I’m a book blogger- I did not write this book. I did not title this book. I do not work for Kensignton. You will need to direct all further comments to Kensington Publishing.

      I sincerely hope this is resolved to your liking in the future.

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