Never Say Never by Victoria Christopher Murray

never say neverWould you or wouldn’t you?

That is the question that is asked in Never Say Never. It’s an interesting question because most people have very definite views on cheating. However, Victoria Christopher Murray takes this question and runs with it. She writes a story- told from the viewpoints of Miriam and Emily- and writes a tale that is emotional. It’s not an easy story to read- Never Say Never can make you question everything or reaffirm your beliefs.

The Red, White and Blue- Michellelee, Miriam, and Emily, have been friends since college. Each of them have a connection that they never thought would fail. Until the day of the fire- and the aftermath that followed. The ladies are having a get together that day- then Michellelee gets a phone call about a fire. Miriam and Emily are immediately worried as both of their husbands are firefighters. Shortly, they hear the news- Miriam’s husband, Chauncey, died in the fire.

All of the ladies, plus Jamal, Emily’s husband, are devastated. Jamal and Chauncey are close friends- and Jamal is taking it very hard. Emily keeps telling Miriam that she and Jamal will help Miriam with everything- the funeral, being there for her, the children. However, Emily is a child psychologist- and in the aftermath of the fire, she finds herself having to devote time to a child who becomes a client. Jamal makes good on his word, though. He visits, hangs out with the kids, and tells Miriam stories about Chauncey from days past.

During their time of grief, Miriam and Jamal begin sleeping together. And slowly, each person finds out- and the world that the Red, White and Blue had- the world of sister-friends begins crumbling.

Told from viewpoints of Emily and Miriam, the tale begins with Miriam telling the readers about her affair with Jamal. The rest of the book is the lead-up to the affair and the aftermath. Forgiveness, faith, fidelity, love, and more are themes of this book. After reading Never Say Never– I had very definite feelings and ideas about Miriam and Emily- however, this is a book that could lead to an excellent discussion amongst book clubs or even just girlfriends.


This book was provided by Touchstone Publishing in exchange for an honest review. All opinions above expressed are mine alone.

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