The Guest House by Erika Marks

the guest houseSometimes the greatest secrets are those we keep from ourselves.


The Guest House by Erika Marks

The folks of Harrisport know that when summer arrives- the influx of summer visitors will bring in a different ambience to Harrisport. Traffic, more people; but yet townsfolk do not mind much because while summer visitors turn the sleepy town to a busy area- they also being cash to help line the wallets of Harrisport residents. Summer brings some inconveniences, but it can be overlooked. For 2 women of Harrisport, though, summer is a reminder of the heartbreak they suffered at the hands of Moss men.

Lexi, returning home to Harrisport after 2 years in London, is connecting with friends and reliving summer traditions when she gets a random phone call. Cooper Moss, younger brother of Hudson, is looking for an experienced photographer for the Moss home. Lexi agrees to take the job- knowing it’ll be good for her photography portfolio. Even though hearing from Cooper reminds Lexi of her last night with Hudson, she is determined to be professional. Being professional with Cooper Moss may be tougher than Lexi anticipated, though.

Edie, Lexi’s mother, is looking for work for her all-women construction crew. With the Moss’s guest house needing renovations- it seems Edie’s crew has found a great job. However it may be more than Edie can handle- between the ongoing feud between her family and the Moss family and the uncovering of heartfelt sentiment.

Told in alternating tales, current time and the summer of 1966, The Guest House has themes of love, family secrets, growing up, letting go and finding that happiness can and should be embraced whenever possible.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

The Guest House is a beautiful story. Wonderful characters. The reader will want to know more about Lexi, Edie, and others. Be warned: After reading The Guest House, two things may happen: a longing to be at the beach and finding a new #literarycrush.

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