A Place at the Table by Susan Rebecca White

a place at the tableSusan Rebecca White’s A PLACE AT THE TABLE is a story that is entertaining- it has family drama, social issues, being at peace with yourself and your past and food- glorious food.

The main characters of the story are Bobby, a young gay man originally from Georgia and Amelia, a posh woman from Connecticut. Alice, a chef and author, originally from North Carolina- is a character that is also very central to the story. While at first the reader will not understand the connection between the 3 characters, Susan Rebecca White creates a story that connects them in a way that is memorable.

Bobby and his life in Georgia is good- but Bobby knows as he grows older that he is different. Being different is not something he wants, and yet- he must be true to himself. As his story is revealed bit by bit, the reader finds out exactly how he came to live in New York City- and how love and acceptance of him made a difference in Bobby’s life.

Amelia, a mother of teenager girls, is living with her husband in Connecticut. Amelia suspects things about her husband- and yet, she loves him. With the girls being out of the house, Amelia has a firsthand look at how her life could be and how it is- and she makes a choice.

A Place at the Table takes characters that on the surface have nothing in common- except that they are humans- and yet as the story goes- each character has plenty in common- a need for nourishment for the stomach and soul, a need to find a place where they can be- no judgments. These characters face trials and tribulations- but, they form connections with the reader- and the reader wants to know what happens next and wants them to find their “place at the table”.

A Place at the Table is a book that makes the reader think, think about social issues, think about love, finding yourself, being true to yourself. As you read, you’ll find that you understand the characters and their need for nourishment, their desire to find places of love and acceptance. After the book is finished, it will be a book that stays in a person’s thoughts for days.



A Place at the Table was provided to me by Touchstone Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The above thoughts and opinions are mine alone.

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