The Original 1982 by Lori Carson (TLC Tour 5)

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Lori Carson Lori Carson, author of The Original 1982, writes a book that is daring- yes, I say daring. The Original 1982 based on book cover and synopsis has the potential to sound like a perfect beach read- but this book is a book that is more. It’s daring, and has these sections of honesty, real life feel. To find out more about Lisa, her music and other things, please visit her website or connect with her on Facebook.





The Original 1982


Paperback:240 pages

Publisher: William Morrow

Purchase: Amazon, Indiebound, Barnes and Noble

Source: TLC Books



The Original 1982The Original 1982 is a story of a choice- a choice that was made to appease a lover; not because it is what Lisa wants. Lisa is pregnant and her lover, Gabriel, does not want to a father. The story that follows is a 2-sided look at life- what really happens in Lisa’s life after the choice and what could have happened if she had not made that particular choice.

The story is written in almost a diary format- a diary to Lisa’s unborn child. Lisa writes about life- her daughter being born, daily struggles and more. As Lisa tells the story, she sometimes begins speaking of how things really happened instead of how she dreams life to be.

However, Lisa does not make the life she did not choose easier. Lisa writes a realistic life for a single mother in the 80’s in New York City. Later, the book allows the reader to see, in part, what made Lisa consider what would have happened if that crucial choice had not been made.

Lisa’s story, the story to the daughter, the re-writing of life- is partly bittersweet, but mostly daring.  With The Original 1982– readers are exposed to 2 worlds- and the differences, yet similarities in how life could have played out.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

From the cover and the description, I thought of this book as more “chick lit” and was curious about the book. Then I opened the book and began reading- this is not “chick lit”- it’s not a fluffy beach read. The Original 1982 is more serious- alternating between the 2 lives, with each life being a viable and fulfilling option- and shows how life happened for Lisa. The topics introduced in The Original 1982 are serious and the ending is fitting for the type of story that Lori Carson wrote.

Did I like this book? Yes, yes, I did. I have no regrets about reading The Original 1982. Do I wish that it was the fluffy beach book I envisioned? No, not really. I think Lori Carson did a terrific job with the writing- and had it been any other way- it would not have been meaningful. This book is a book to add to the TBR list.

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