Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club

You might remember a few weeks ago that I posted that on my book-ish bucket list was “having my own online book club”? Because while I LOVE participating in other’s- sometimes I want to choose the book! Anyway, during all this time- another bookworm found me on Twitter and we’ve become #bookbesties (she’s the creative genius behind that Hashtag!) So, as we got to talking more and more- it was like “why don’t you start the online book club? I’ll help!” and that was all I needed to hear. Because of prior commitments, and needing to work out some details- it’s taken some time- but here we are: Me, T. at Traveling With T and Jen S. (her blog is not quite ready to be revealed YET!) – have started an online book club!


The details:

Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club– each month a book will be chosen by the “host” and for June, our first month, it’ll be RECONSTRUCTING AMELIA by Kimberly McCreight (@kimmcreight on Twitter). This book is already getting quite a bit buzz- and some are calling it the Gone Girl of 2013. Currently (which means today) Amazon list it’s price as $18.44 hardcover, $18.36 Large print paperback, $8.89 on Kindle. It can also be found at IndieBound and Barnes and Noble (similar price at B&N and Amazon). Or you can get it from most libraries.


We will begin on MAY 31’st. And the last set of questions will be posted on June 28th. A reading schedule will be posted soon! Each week will we discuss a certain number of chapters (and only discuss those!) Want to read ahead? That’s fine- but please, for the consideration of others, do not post spoilers ahead of the chapters we will be discussing! My plan is to read along with the schedule- but if I get too involved in book, I’m going to make notes about the things I want to discuss for each section. You may wish to do the same.

Checking the book out from the library- but won’t get it till mid June? Aww, I’m sorry! But, don’t worry- you can still join us. Just because we have moved on to another section in book does not mean you cannot go back to the first sections and post comments/thoughts.

Is there a fancy sign-up or will you be upset if I say I want to read- but then can’t? No! No Fancy sign-up and no, I won’t be mad. I sincerely hope you can join- but totally understand that life gets in the way. You MAY express your interest to read Reconstructing Amelia in this post- or wait till later when I post the official reading schedule. You also don’t have to sign up- although I would love to know who’s participating!

So, come and read Reconstructing Amelia with us for June- I think it’s going to be an excellent book- and one that can lead to a great discussion!

Look for more details such as the official reading schedule  to be posted in the coming weeks. Right now- the most important thing is for you to get a copy of Reconstructing Amelia (either by buying or the library!) and make plans to join us beginning May 31’st!

Are you on Twitter? While we won’t be discussing it on Twitter really- we’ll be posting when new questions are added with the hashtag #bookloversunite

Got questions? Let me know in the comments section! Know you want to read Reconstructing Amelia- let me know in the comments section!

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