Agony of the Leaves by Laura Child

With a new aquarium opening in Charleston, everyone is excited. The opening should be a smashing success- between the food and Charleston’s elite. Everything is going great, until Theodosia discovers a body. Not just any body either- the body of Parker Scully, her former love. While most are willing to write it off as a tragic accident- Theodosia will not.

As she begins to search for more clues about Parker’s life over the past year or so- Theodosia learns the restaturant business is similar to Hollywood- talk is cheap. Did one of the restaurant owners set out to kill Parker- either to be able to buy his place or to keep him from opening another successful place?

While Theodosia is searching for clues, Delanie is brow-beating her to help out a charity called Tuesday’s Child. Theo makes time for the charity, all the while wondering exactly what Parker must have stumbled upon to cause someone to kill him. With Theo crossing off suspects and adding more- she doesn’t realize that she’s skating awfully close to the truth of why Parker was murdered.

Will Theodosia be able to solve the murder? Or will the killer get the best of her?

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