Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler

Julie Kibler’s debut novel, Calling Me Home, is a story that will make the reader think- how far a person is willing to go for love,  choosing between what you want and what your family expects of you, and standing on your own in the world.

They were two unlikley friends- one an aging white woman and the other a younger black woman. Hair helped them make each other’s aquaintance and friendship grew. However, a road trip for the two showed that they have more in common than one ever thought. Isabelle McAllister asks her hairdresser and friend Dorrie to accompany her on a road trip to a funeral in Cincinatti. Dorrie, feeling the need to escape from her worries for a few days, agrees to drive Isabelle.

As the 2 ladies embark on a journey- one heading toward a past that has painful memories and the other leaving her present for a few days- Isabelle begins to share the story- the story of Isabelle far before Dorrie ever knew her. Isabelle tells a story about her first love- her great love. A boy who was the son of the housekeeper that worked for Isabelle’s family. As Dorrie listens- Isabelle tells of Robert and the love they shared- a love that the town Isabelle lived in could not understand.

Calling Me Home– it’s a story that has sadness, much sadness at times. It’s also a story of love and hope- and being true to yourself.  Looking for a good book to read- a story of love, friendship, family consisting of the people you choose and much more? You have found the book then.

4 thoughts on “Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler

  1. I enjoyed how you captured the story but without giving away too much. I always struggle with this. I needed a kleenex or two when reading, sounded like you did as well.

    • Thank you! I try to not give too much away; yet give just enough to make a reader interested. It’s a thin line! Yes, Kleenex would probably have been good to have while reading this 🙂

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