The joy of reviewing books…

Reviewing books. Ultimate dream for a book lover- at least in my opinion. The joy of seeing a book that could possibly make best-sellers list before the majority of the general public sees it- be still my heart.  Getting to read a book before others is a treat that is almost hard to describe- it’s just a good feeling- especially when the book is great!

Being a member of the She Reads Blog Network has given me chances to review books that I might not have read- they’ve expanded my reading selection. Reviewing books for other publishers has also been a treat.  Through reviewing, while I may not make a major impact in the publishing world, just knowing there is potential- is enough for me.

5 thoughts on “The joy of reviewing books…

  1. Yes! I read Tigers in Red Weather the day it came out and I am so glad that it is making its way into the mainstream. There’s something about discovering something “new” and sharing it with others. It’s also nice having your own blog to review books because the reviews are 100% authentic and not for show.

    • Exactly- I really couldn’t have said it better myself. Plus, I like being part of the book community- when I see a person who has a blog I like- I trust their input. Now the book may not be as good as they think (different strokes for different folks), but it’s still nice to see book chatter.

  2. I feel the same way. Although my impact may be small on the industry as a whole, I feel blessed to know what happens in that book long before some others do:) I guess us reviewers are just spoiled like that. Great blog, I’m glad I discovered it!

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