Want to help a soon to be published author? Read!

I forget exactly where I read this, but I read somewhere that a new author has like 6 weeks to make an impression once book is published (I think I have that figure and statement right!) Here’s the important thing: With as many books that are being published daily- it’s the newcomers to the field that need the help, the extra attention. Think of them like the kindergarten kids- they just need a little extra help to boost them through the ranks. Sadly, some writers don’t get the attention they need- maybe it’s because the book was just not right, or too many other good books out at the same time. Maybe the author doesn’t have the support team. Who knows- a million things can go right or wrong in the process- and sometimes hard work is just not enough.

Soon to be published author, Julie Kibler, has written this as advice to help a soon to be published author. The tips are great- really informative and very easy to do (if you are so inclined!)

As I read over the tips- I dubbed them (in my head) The Good Karma Rules of Literary Folks. If you’re lucky enough to get ARC copies- read and tell your thoughts. Book cover is giving you a good feeling? Pre-order that book! Going to the book signing, but already have the book? Consider buying the book for a friend. Ask for it at the library. Tweet. Facebook. Blog. Instagram. Like something about the book? Tweet the author!

Julie Kibler’s book, Calling Me Home, will be released on Feb 12 2013.  Read over her tips to help her (and other soon to be published authors).

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