Communicating with Authors….

When I was a little girl, as I read my books- I would dream of being able to talk to the authors, getting to meet them, and hearing about the books from their perspective. But, living in the town I did, I never thought it’d be a possibility. It seemed like something so abstract, a big city thing- something so far removed from where and who I was.

Many, many years later- Twitter came around. And I got my wish- being able to tweet with different authors, learn about upcoming books, signings, and more. And when I get to meet them in person- well that’s just icing on the excitement cake!

Here’s what I have discovered: In my childhood mind, an author should be put on a pedestal. They were so high and mighty (but in a good way), being able to take words and ideas and spin them into great books. As an adult, though, an author is really not different than anyone else. They want people to like them, like their books. They enjoy hearing feedback.

So- if you are reading a book and you see the author is on Twitter- give them a tweet. Odds are that they will love hearing from a person who is reading their book (also know as their blood, sweat and tears).


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