Indie, Chain and Amazon- what’s your preference?

Where’s your favorite book-buying place?

Many people have strong opinions on where to buy books- some prefer to support the independent bookstores, some support chain bookstores, and some like Amazon. Personally, I support all three. I support independent bookstores when I’m there for book signings and other events. Chain bookstores (such as Barnes and Noble) tend to have good deals on bargain books so I check that section out as often as possible. However, Amazon is my easiest option for buying books- living just enough out of the way of a good bookstore- I find Amazon to be the place I buy many books. Between my Kindle and the lower prices, Amazon does work the best for me.

However, the appeal of an independent bookstore is hard to beat. Walking around, sipping a cup of coffee, looking at the books, seeing table after table of books- that makes me happy. Also, as an avid people-watcher, a book store is usually filled with a good mix of people. Plus, the employees- generally, they have strong opinions on good books and are willing to make recommendations.

In the end, I’ll continue my ways of shopping for books- supporting all 3 types of places. Buying my cozy books from Amazon, buying copies of books to be signed from indies (and other books that catch my eye while I’m there) and bargain books from Barnes and Noble. It may not work for everyone- but it does for me.

So spill the beans: Where do you shop for books?

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