Bucket List Things: Authors on my “To Meet” List

I go to book signings as much as possible. I live relatively near 3 different independent bookstore and I keep an eye on the events pages. I follow on Twitter the big name authors and hope that one day they’ll come down South for a book signing.

So I read and read and read- I read reviews of books, check out the books that have the “buzz” about them, and hope that one day- I’ll have had the chance to meet every author I’d like to meet.

My current bucket list of authors I’d like to meet:

1. Judy Blume (seriously, when I found out that Judy Blume was on Twitter- that was the coolest thing to me. Being able to see the tweets from the genius behind Tales of a 4th grade Nothing, Superfudge, Just As Long As We’re Together, and many,many, many more favorites of mine- well, that was just something else!)

2. Michael Lee WestGone With A Handsomer Man and A Teeny Bit of Trouble– both are delightful and quirky books. I want to see the lady behind the creation of Teeny!

3. Gillian Flynn– her dark and twisted stories have intrigued me- Gone Girl– I just wanted to buy everyone a copy and tell them to read!

4. Erika Marks– author of Little Gale Gumbo and The Mermaid Collector (out in October 2012). “Gumbo” was a favorite of mine in early 2012. The story line was great, but the book cover kept catching my eye- it was so peaceful-looking.

5. Nichole Bernier– her book The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D. has intrigued me- from the cover, the story, the questions the story brings to mind.

While this is in no way a comprehensive list- these are the ones topping my bucket list as of now. I still hold out hope for people like Sue Grafton, Mary Higgins Clark, Janet Evanovich, and more like that- however, many of them do not even come near where I live.

So what authors are on your bucket list to meet?


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