Literary Friday ya’ll….

Oh how I love Friday’s- it’s just the official beginning of the weekend for me. Friday was always the best day in school- an extra-long recess! Friday’s are good day for movies usually the movie opens on Friday night. For years Friday night was THE night to watch TV on ABC (TGIF line-up).  But I digress- Friday is the best.

A round up of information for Literary Friday:

1. Always check out Deep South Magazine– Literary Friday is the best there!
This week has news about The Great Gatsby film, The River Witch book signings for Jackson and Greenwood (be there or be square!), and a collection of book/town festivals. Also in Deep South Mag’s round-up of Literary Friday is my guest blog for Melinda McGuire about Rowan Oak and William Faulkner- thanks to Deep South Magazine for posting that link!

2. Are you a fan of reading book reviews? If so, She Reads is a place to stop by! Follow She Reads on Twitter (@SheReadsBookCLB) and use hashtag #SRblognetwork for reviews on great books!

3. My current #literaryconfession: I still have a copy of The Monster at the End of the Book- I actually have 2 copies- my childhood one and one that was given to me as an adult because of my great love for the book. I freely admit that this book holds a prominent place on my bookshelf!

4. My #fridayreads is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Love the One You’re With by Emily Giffin. Kind of fitting since Vanity Fair calls Emily Giffin “a modern day Jane Austen”.

5. My friend, Keetha, did a great blog post on handwritten letters/cards and how she loves that kind of mail, loves getting those kind of things for gifts. I have to 100% agree with her- cute mail makes me happy. And I adore buying or getting as a gift great cards/paper- throw in a good-writing pen and I’ll do a happy dance! So, thoughts: Is paper just paper? Do you like getting random cards or letters from friends in this day of digital communication? Do you save the cards or find them to be a nuisance that you have to throw away?

Have a happy Literary Friday- and chime in with what you are reading or book recommendations!

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