Guest Blogging for Man VS Books Club- The Hunger Games Trilogy

The True GAMEMAKERS: The Hunger Games! Catching Fire! Mockingjay!


A few weeks ago, one of the Man VS Book Clubs members asked me to contribute a piece as a guest blogger. We discussed a few different options on which books, and decided The Hunger Games would be a good choice.

In the above link is my post as a guest blogger for Man VS Books Club- which I hope you will take time to read through- whether you are a fan of the trilogy or not.

But, because I believe in a spirit of “paying it forward” for good deeds- this post is mainly about why readers should visit the Man VS Books Club blog.  I came across the blog because I’m Twitter friends with Deidre (@Yankeefan2975). Deidre is a huge fan of books, and with help from others- decided to create a blog to generate interest in reading for men and to discuss books. Along with the other 7 contributors- Man VS Books Club blog was born. Between the 8 of them- a wide and varied interest in reading is covered (as well as physical location!) Each person brings a necessary ingredient to making this blog a “must-see”.

Stop by their blog, spread the word to other friends, and most importantly- tell the men in your life to look over the books they review and discuss. Reading books is not just for women- it’s great for both genders. Reading is cool- let the people of Man VS Books Club show exactly how great reading can be!

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