Oh Amazon you know me so well….

Oh Amazon- you know me so well. Based on my purchase of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (which I loved) you recommended The Other Woman’s House by Sophie Hannah. Reading that book description makes me think the book is going to be a winner!

So Amazon, some days I’m unsure if the emails you send are a good or bad thing- whether I should be delighted or horrified that you know me so well. The jury is still out on this one. Honestly, I’m a fan of people knowing what I like for the most part- at times I’m such a creature of habit- it’s a bit scary.

So readers: what do you like? Amazon making recommendations on books you may like from past purchases? Wandering around a book store with a sense of anonymity, picking books up, putting them down being totally in charge of finding the next book you love? An independent book seller setting books aside that you’ll love? A friend making recommendations?

*Side note: When Amazon makes a recommendation and I don’t like the book, I don’t feel bad (online stores have no feelings!) However, when a friend makes a recommendation for a book that they think “I’ll just love” and I hate it- I feel conflicted as to what to say after. Thoughts?

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