{Giveaway} Peter Golden, Wherever There Is Light, is giving away a Visa Gift Card up to 1,000 dollars!

giveaway giveaway

Hey ya’ll! To celebrate his new fiction novel, WHEREVER THERE IS LIGHT, author Peter Golden will be giving away a Visa gift card up to a $1,000.

Why do I say up to a $1,000 dollars? Well the more entries in the giveaway- the more the card is worth! So, if only 200 people enter the giveaway- then it’s a 200 dollar Visa gift card (which is still pretty sweet- think of all the books you can buy!)

Before we get into the giveaway- check out the summary of WHEREVER THERE IS LIGHT and add it to your TBR list! Look for it November 3rd from Atria Books! Continue reading