Guest Post: Sarah Morgan & New Year Resolutions: What Will Be the Word of 2014?

new year resolutions


Sarah Morgan, author of Sleigh Bells in the Snow, talks about her New Year Resolutions.  How she loves the freshness of the New Year and her advice for people looking to make New Year Resolutions.


Sarah Morgan: New Year Resolutions and the word of 2014


I love New Year and the idea of making a fresh start. A close friend told me a few years ago that instead of making a resolution, she picks a word. So ‘connect’ might mean making a real effort to be in touch with people who have drifted away simply because we all have busy lives. ‘Resist’ might mean working extra hard on will power! My word for 2014, and my resolution, is ‘Today’. I’m going to try and spend less time worrying about tomorrow and next week and next year and really try and focus on enjoying every moment of the day I’m in and hopefully making that day better for the people around me.




So.. What will be your word of 2014? Traveling With T wants to know!



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