{Happy Thanksgiving} What Are You Thankful For?

Thankful Traveling With T

Happy Thanksgiving readers of Traveling With T! I hope that today is filled with fun, family, and good times.

As I ran around today (and yesterday) in a race to make sure that my mom had eggs for the chicken and dressing, my cousin had his favorite drink, and all the things that happen in the preparation of Thanksgiving- well, it got me thinking. Continue reading


what are you thankful for

Today is Thanksgiving Day- and families are sitting down to eat dinner together. Some families are missing people- due to military service, death or other circumstances. But, mainly, today is a day where people sit & eat together- turkey, chicken and dressing & a myriad of side items. Sweet desserts will also be consumed. Today is the day where many give thanks for all the blessings they have enjoyed this year.

Wherever you are, whatever your Thanksgiving ritual is- I hope you stop and think about the family, friends, and other loved ones you have. Consider the things that happened this year- maybe you had a banner year, but even if you didn’t- there is still something to be thankful for.


I’m thankful for:

My family. I love them- even though sometimes they make me feel a little nutty.

I’m thankful for my beautiful niece that is fast approaching this world- she’s still snug as a bug in her mommy’s belly- but will be arriving soon.

I’m thankful for people who make a difference in my life- who inspire me to be best me possible.

Thankful for bloggy friends- friends who support and help me as I strive to make Traveling With T a place I love and am proud of.

Thankful for authors- they are my rock stars. Thankful so many took a chance on a small town with a blog- and given me time, interviews, and books.

Thankful for 2 bloggers (Love at First Book and The Book Wheel). Each time I think I’ve hit a wall with this blog- they’ve been able to talk me down- and advise me. Without them, I might not would have known all the things I do know about the blogging world.

Thankful for She Reads- a place that has exposed me to many different types of books- and trusted in me enough to make me their Online Discussion Leader and Twitter chat host.

Thankful for my life. It’s a good one- and while it may not always be exactly what I’d hoped for- it’s pretty good.

Thankful for my dad- he gave me a scare earlier this year with a health problem- but, it appears he’s bounced back and is better off.

Thankful for a particular friend- one who can always tell when I need a supportive shoulder- and willingly drops things & helps me out.

Thankful for a group of ladies that I met while taking part in the Sweet Potato Queen Weekends. I may not get to see them but once a year- but boy, oh, boy- it’s a heck of a weekend!

Thankful for Erin from Deep South Magazine. A friendship that began with a tweet- and enriches my life in a million ways. xoxo


This year has had it’s ups and downs- have had some really good things happen- and have had some things I’d rather not happen, happen. I’ve tried to just keep on rolling and have fun when I can- and appreciate the good moments.


What are you thankful for?