Where do you keep your To Be Read pile?

A To Be Read Pile

I’m not super messy. I’m actually organized (mostly). However, if you saw my “to be read” pile- or more accurately my multiple TBR piles- you’d think I was the most disorganized person in the world. Most of my TBR pile is stacked on the floor. Some have made it to my nightstand. Some are near my breakfast nook (I enjoy breakfast and a cup of coffee with a book in the morning- some mornings, anyway.)

A friend just recently gave me a stack of James Patterson books that she’d read and did not want anymore. I took them and made a stack of JP TBR. However, I generally don’t have such luck in having so many of the same author to make little organized stacks.

So spill it- where do you keep your TBR pile? Nightstand? Library? Study?

*It should be noted that in the picture- The Hunger Games series was not on my TBR list at the time- they were just new books (I read THG trilogy on my Kindle).