Those Secrets We Keep by Emily Liebert

those secrets we keep by emily

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Those Secrets We Keep

Sloane is upset about leaving her daughter at camp. A month without being a “mother” is going to be a struggle for Sloane- who is questioning many things about her life. With Slaone’s sister recently passing away- Sloane feels so many feelings- anger and sadness being the main two. When Sloane’s aunt offers to let her stay for a few weeks at the lake house- Sloane jumps on the chance. A break from her everyday life is exactly what she needs.

Hillary, Sloane’s current best friend, has a pretty good life. Secure in her career and marriage, Hillary and her husband have been trying to conceive for 3 years. While spending time at the lake house, Hillary begins to think about secrets and motherhood and how the 2 are combined in her life.  Continue reading

Beach Reads 2015

2015 Summer Reading

Ahhhh.. Summer reading- is there anything better? I think not. I like summer reading- the pretty covers, the lure of the whole day ahead, the fact that it does not begin to get dark till after 8pm! Reading in the summer is almost decadent to me- because wherever I am- it’s like a mini-vacation.

So here are SOME of the books that I’m pretty excited to read over the summer (some I’ve already read in anticipation of summer reads!)- some are straight up beach reads, some are my mystery/suspense that keep me guessing all the book long and there is a couple of historical fiction in here to mix things up!



1. I REGRET NOTHING by Jen Lancaster

2. LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE by Jessica Knoll

3. THE IDEA OF LOVE by Patti Callahan Henry

4. DEAR CAROLINA by Kristy Woodson Harvey Continue reading