Character Q&A with Melanie Dickerson, The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest

the huntress of Thornbeck Forest

Photo Credit: Provided by Wunderkind PR


Today, thanks to Elizabeth @ Wunderkind PR, I have Melanie Dickerson stopping by with a Character Q&A from her book THE HUNTRESS OF THORNBECK FOREST!


Character Q&A

Melanie Dickerson has asked me to answer some questions and write down my answers. I suspect this is my uncle’s doing. He probably wants to distribute my answers to those men of Thornbeck who are looking for a wife and inquiring about me, perhaps to dissuade them from inquiring further. Anything that will discourage marriage-hungry men from invading my idyllic life, I am pleased to participate.

Odette, as I am sure you know, deer have been missing from the magrave’s forest. Who do you think is behind these blatant poaching attacks and why would someone do such a thing?

I have heard some vague rumors of deer going missing from the margrave’s forest. I am sure if there is any poaching going on—and no one knows for certain that there is, as there is no proof—then I am sure the margrave’s forester will do his duty and apprehend the offenders. He seems very capable. Continue reading