Grounded by Angela Correll


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Annie is a flight attendant- flying the skies to far-flung places around the world. When she is home, New York City- with it’s wonderful ambience and never-ending options of things to do, places to eat, and buzzing activity. Annie is happy- jet-setting off to great places, coming home to her sweet boyfriend. The only teeny concern- there is talk of a merger- which could lead to losing her job. But, Annie is sure the airline will work out the necessary details and keep her flying the good life. Annie has a boyfriend who she adores- and he asks her to move in with him- which she takes a step on the way to the rest of their lives.

One day, on a flight, Annie begins chatting with someone who sheds a light on her relationship- and Annie is concerned. When she gets home, she finds that she had reason to be concerned. So, she doesn’t have a place to live, no boyfriend, and then she gets the final bad news- she’s been grounded. Her boss hopes to get her back in the air in a few months- but the 2 airlines need time to see who they are keeping and who will not be re-hired. Annie decides to head to her family farm- back to Kentucky.

When Annie arrives in Kentucky, life on the farm has changed. Her grandmother’s getting older and can’t keep up with farm life like she once was able. Annie suggests selling the farm and downsizing to a smaller home- but her grandmother balks at the idea. At first, Annie does not understand. Soon, though, farm life begins to feel right to Annie. Annie reconnects with her buddy Jake, who is wanting to leave the corporate rat race behind and start sustainable farming. That’s not the only thing he’s looking to change, though. He’s got a girlfriend who he’s hoping to make a fiance. His fiance, though, after visiting Kentucky- is hoping he’ll stay in the corporate world.

When Annie gets a call telling her she’s going to be able to fly the skies again- she thought she would be excited. But life in Kentucky has grounded her in more ways than one. Will Annie go back to New York City or will farm life (and maybe the boy next door) be reason to stay in Kentucky?

Traveling With T’s Thoughts

Angela Correll wears her big ole Kentucky loving heart on her sleeve as she writes Grounded! A debut novel that is sweet and funny- with life lessons amongst the story. Angela takes a story of a woman displaced from a fast paced life and sends her back home, back to where she learns to appreciate the simple life- the life of hard work and being able to hold your own. The plot, while it is a tad bit predictable at times, is still well-written enough to hold a reader’s attention. Enjoyable. Interesting. Nice pace and characters.

*This book was sent to Traveling With T by a publicist in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.