International Chick Lit Month: Traveling With T’s Book Boyfriend

where is traveling with t

Hey folks,I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Memorial Day! Before the BBQ-ing, the lazy day at the pool, and the homemade ice cream (yum!), I want to take a minute to think about the reason for Memorial Day- bless the veterans and current military ( and those who gave their lives) so we can have the rights & freedoms we have!

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I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

Fun. Fluffy. Cute. Light reading. That’s what I love about Sophie Kinsella’s books- and this one is no different.

Poppy loses her engagement ring- a family heirloom. She’s afraid to tell Mangus- her beloved. Then to top off the really bad day she’s having- someone steals her phone. That she’s told everyone to call if the ring is found. Nightmare. Until………. Poppy spies a phone in a trash bin. Assuming the finder-keepers philosphy (because why would someone who needs the phone throw it away, right?) she takes the phone and alerts everyone to her new number.

Then… she finds out that this phone is a company phone. And a man named Sam wants the phone back. Through some talk, he agrees to let her keep the phone for a bit- and Poppy agrees to forward all his messages. It’s an uncoventional arrangement- but it’s working for them.

As Poppy and Sam trade texts back and forth- they become friends. Then, things start happening that threaten to derail their friendship and Sam’s company. Throw in some confusion about a wedding- and you have I’ve Got Your Number!

It’s a perfect fluffy read. Read and love it!