Eudora Welty’s House and Camellias…

379229_10100580810672616_1453878116_nTwo weekends ago, while enjoying a weekend with some book loving friends- we stopped by Eudora Welty’s house. The camellias were blooming- oh they looked beautiful. I could have spent hours there, walking around, looking at flowers. Then there was this bench- right in a perfect little place. Not too much sun, not too shady either- just perfect for a book lover to sit down, read, and soak up some of the niceness about Eudora Welty’s place.

When Sarah Jio’s new book, The Last Camellia, hits the bookstores- I will be taking her book to Eudora’s to read. Reading The Last Camellia in a place were camellias bloom so prettily- oh, such a perfect afternoon.

Oh and Sarah Jio is giving away 2 copies- follow the link for more info!