Hotshot by Julie Garwood


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Peyton Lockhart’s life was saved when she was 6 by a hotshot swimmer named Finn. Can he save Peyton’s life again?

Peyton, young and beautiful- recently graduated from college, unlucky in love- takes a job in Minnesota at a magazine. She’s excited to have a great job- and looking forward to the work. Until she finds out the work that her boss really wants her to take part in. Peyton’s boss is sexually harassing her- and she has no where to turn. Her work friends, Mimi and Lars, want Peyton to leave before something bad happens- and after Peyton’s boss makes a particularly threatening move- she sets out to leave Minnesota. Just not before she gets some proof of the harassment.

Back home with her sisters, Peyton runs into to Finn at his brother’s wedding- and sparks fly. When Finn, a FBI agent, finds out why Peyton left Minnesota and sees bullet holes in her car- he’s instantly on alert. And makes it his business to¬† save her life again.

While home with the sister, Peyton’s uncle has an interesting proposition- run Bishop’s Cove for a year, make a profit and it’s theirs to do what they want- or he could sell it and give the girls the money earned from the sale. All agree that selling makes more sense- and yet, they take ownership of Bishop’s Cove. If Peyton thought life was going to get easier by being in a relaxing area- she was wrong. Between a contractor wanting to buy the land for his own personal resort, a cousin that thinks she has rights to the property, and her Minnesota problems coming to Florida to try and kill her- Peyton’s hands are full. Lucky for her- she has Finn “HotShot” McBain around to protect her in the day and watch over her all night long.

Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

This is my first Julie Garwood novel- and I enjoyed it. The romance between Finn and Peyton was cute, hot even- maybe a tad bit predictable- but enjoyable. The plot line where Peyton was being sexually harassed and threatened was interesting and a nice way to link Finn back to needing to save Peyton. Hotshot has been a nice book to enjoy sitting poolside and while relaxing! There was enough mystery and thrills to keep me interested. Enjoyable.