BEA 2015 (Books. NYC. Fun. Did I mention books?)

Bea 2015

I know! I know! I’m so late with this post. I know most people are now planning their BEA 16 trip and I’m just now posting about my BEA 15. Oh well!

After the fun of BEA 14 last year, Kristin and I immediately started making plans for #BEA15OrBust! Feeling like slightly seasoned pros- we made our plans.

Then BEA changed things.


Instead of having the Blogger conference all day on Wednesday and BEA being Thursday, Friday and Saturday- they changed it to half a day on Wednesday, all day Thursday and Friday- and Book Con (which was included in your BEA badge last year- would be a separate ticket.)

Ok. No biggie. We talked- we knew what we wanted to do (no Book Con for us or Blogger Conference). We decided to arrive on Tuesday, then leave on Saturday.

Back in Mississippi, I awoke at 4:30 am- COMPLETELY convinced that something was amiss and I was going to have problems on my flight (after last year’s debacle- one could hardly blame me for this feeling!)

But, no problems- except arriving at the airport ridiculously early and finding out that even though I TRIPLE confirmed that a shuttle would be around to pick me back up on Saturday- Holiday Inn Express in Flowood, MS says “our shuttle doesn’t run on Saturday”. Jerks.

I breeze through security and breeze through my layover at Atlanta- eager to get to NYC. I arrive between 3 & 4pm, let Kristin know I am on my way to hotel and then arrive at Holiday Inn Express Times Square.

Kristin and I head to Javits Center to pick up badges, then decide to head to Gotham Market for an early supper (I was starving because I’m usually too nervous to eat much on travel days!) and then went walking around Times Square (where I bought some new earrings at Fossil!)


We got up early on Wednesday with the brilliant idea of arriving early-ish at Javits, reading the Publishers Weekly magazine ( an absolute gem of info we discovered last year) and hanging out till the doors opened to let people in at BEA. This was a great plan- Kristin and I were relaxed, got to chit-chat with people, take pictures and mark addition items on our list. Continue reading

The Glass Kitchen by Linda Francis Lee

The Glass Kitchen by Linda Francis Lee

Photo Credit: St. Martin’s Press- June 17, 2014


This book was sent to Traveling With T in exchange for a fair review.

The Glass Kitchen

Portia Cuthcart would have lived in Texas forever- Texas was her home, her birthright- the place she felt comfortable. The other place she felt comfortable was the kitchen- Portia had a gift (some called it a curse)- but it was “the knowing” and Portia just knew things about food- she didn’t always know why she was compelled to make certain dishes- but she would be. Cooking at The Glass Kitchen with her grandmother was one of life’s joys. Continue reading