Hemingway’s Girl by Erika Robuck

Hemingway’s Girl by Erika Robuck is a historical fiction novel that absolutely should be on a reader’s “to be read” list. The book has it all: love, anger, drama, family situations, sadness, despair and hope.  Grab a copy of this book and get sucked into the world of Mariella and Hemingway’s Key West.

Mariella is the bread-winner of the family. Her father has passed away, she has 2 sisters and a mother that need food and a roof over their heads. When Mariella meets Hemingway- she’s drawn to him- his ways, his life. Mariella is hired as a maid at Hemingway’s house- and through that becomes friends and immersed in Hemingway and his family’s life.

Hemingway and Mariella have a relationship that not many can understand- they understand each other on levels that aren’t apparent to many. This becomes a source of stress for others. When Mariella gets involved with Gavin- a man that is quite dear to her- her relationship with Hemingway evolves.

Gavin is everything that Hemingway is not- and yet, both men have a pull on Mariella. Will Mariella cross a line with Hemingway- a man that understands her in ways others can’t? Or will she stay with Gavin- a man that is more like her- hardworking, salt of the earth?

With a hurricane heading toward Key West, Mariella gets drawn further in the world of Ernest Hemingway and his family- while struggling to take care of her own family. Will this hurricane solidify the things that are important to Mariella?

Hemingway’s Girl– this book was fantastic. The emotions I felt while reading, the anger at Hemingway and his selfish ways, the fear and sadness I felt for Mariella- this book has something for everyone. Read Hemingway’s Girl– enjoy a story about Hemingway and his Key West.