A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams

a hundred summersIn 1931, we have no idea at all what lies ahead.

Love. Intrigue. Friendships. Family secrets. And a hurricane like no other.    A Hundred Summers has all that plus a beach backdrop with sun and sand.

It’s 1931.  Budgie and Lily are headed to watch Budgie’s boyfriend, Graham Pendleton play football. At this football game, Lily sees Nick Greenwald, a tall, good-looking Jewish man. A man that Lily finds attractive and has no idea how much Nick will come to mean to her- and what it’ll cost her.

It’s 1938. Lily Dane is back at Seaview, Rhode Island. Spending the summer, with her mother, Aunt Julie and little sister, Kiki. Lily is looking forward to the summer- and then she hears the news. Budgie and Nick Greenwald will also be spending the summer at Seaview.

As Lily spends the summer in Seaview, her interactions with Budgie and Nick shine a light back on events in 1931- and cause Lily to question almost everything she knows.

Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Looking for a summer read? This is it. A Hundred Summers has everything that a reader needs- a great setting, characters that are real, characters that the reader can love, characters that the reader can despise- a storyline that is revealed bit by bit as it’s told in alternating tales of life in 1931 and current life in 1938. Family secrets, drama, intrigue and so much more. Take the time to read A Hundred Summers and the saga of Lily, Nick and Budgie- your book-loving heart will be glad.

Thank you to Putnam Books for providing this book for review. The opinions expressed above are mine alone.

Sniper Elite: One Way Trip by Scott McEwen

sniper eliteLooking for a thriller to read over the summer? Like books about military? Look no further: Sniper Elite: One Way Trip by Scott McEwen is the book you need.

Gil Shannon, a Navy SEAL, is the man that people want for undercover missions. Gil is smart, brave, and lets nothing get in the way of his ultimate target/goal. After Sandra Brux, a female fighter pilot, is captured and tortured, the military and the government are at odds as to the course of action to take. The military, especially the SEAL teams, want to rescue Sandra and kill  the terrorists who are holding her hostage. The government, on the other hand, is worried about public image, the tentative foreign policy agreements, and re-election for the President.

The special-ops teams decide they don’t care about foreign policy, re-election or anything else the government is concerned about. One of their own, the first female helicopter pilot, is being held captive and tortured- and they are going to bring her back. Against, the direct command of the President- Gil Shannon and others devise a plan to bring back Sandra. With the help of one powerful player in the government- the plan is put in motion.

From Washington to the Middle East- many eyes are on this classified mission- some are hoping for failure, some are hoping for success, and others have their own motives about this unauthorized mission.

Sniper Elite: One Way Trip is a story that shows the readers an insider look into the operations of the military, specifically the special-ops teams. It also shows the reader an inside look into the government- the insider dealings, the ulterior motives, and so much more. For fans of government or military thrillers, this book is a must read. Fast-paced, action thriller- Sniper Elite:One Way Trip is a must read.

This book was provided to me by Touchstone Publishing in exchange for an honest review. All above opinions expressed above are mine alone.