Looking for a Mystery/Thriller? Try THAT NIGHT by Chevy Stevens!

That Night by Chevy Stevens

Photo Credit: St. Martin’s Press


Hey, hey, hey readers of Traveling With T- today is a bit crazy with a few posts going out today- but it’s a good day book-wise!!

So, last year THAT NIGHT was one of the She Reads picked to read last summer (I believe it was the July read!). This was a good book to read as many of us in the group had been craving a good mystery/thriller- and Chevy completely delivered!

Today is the publication day for the paperback version of THAT NIGHT– and with THOSE GIRLS (Chevy’s latest- in stores 7/7/15) I thought you readers might want to know about a mystery/thriller for those vacation bags/long days of summer approaching 🙂 Continue reading