Oscar Wilde and the Murders at Reading Gaol by Gyles Brandreth

While this book is part of a series by Gyles Brandreth , the reader does not have to read the series in order- this book stands alone. The book begins with a man telling a story to another man- one of those men is Oscar Wilde. He begins to tell his story of his imprisonment and how he found himself at Reading Gaol.

As the story goes, the details of jail life- the harshness, the warders (I think in today’s time they would be called guards), the loss of freedom- Gyles Brandreth paints a picture of what life in jail was like in those days. Even though, Oscar Wilde’s jail sentence was only 2 years- those 2 years, in those conditions, would not have been easy.

Oscar Wilde keeps his wits about him, though, and he notices things, details. After all- he is a friend of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle- so he must have a keen eye for detail and things amiss! With Oscar at Reading Gaol, he sees the things no one wants him to see- and begins piecing together pieces to a puzzle of murder and other unsavory events.

While the mystery is entertaining, the writer tipped his hand about a piece of the puzzle a bit early- and that clue kept circling my head as I read. The language, the descriptions, the clues- all in all- it makes for an enjoyable book for mystery readers!

Recommended for: Mystery fans, fans of BBC television, and books of certain eras.


* This book was provided to me by Touchstone Publishing in exchange for a honest review. All above thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.