Cover Reveal: The Secret To Southern Charm by Kristy Woodson Harvey

You guys know that I love, love, love, LOVE Kristy Woodson Harvey books! I mean- the woman has the best covers, story lines that give me that good feeling- there’s some romance, some heartbreak, some life lessons and it just soothes my soul to alllllllllllllllllll ends to read a book of hers! So, when she asked if I would like to take part in the cover reveal for her next book, The Secret to Southern Charm- I was alllllllll “hells yes!” And then when I saw the cover…. THIS COVER IS MORE GORGEOUS THAN HER OTHER COVERS. I am in love with this cover and feel like I am cheating on alllllllll her other covers because this is the one I want on my shelf now. Like NOW. Continue reading