Futuristic Friday: Find Your New Reads August & September 2022 edition




Well folks we are back. Late, but we are back. I take full credit on us being late with this new round up of Futuristic Friday: Find Your New Reads 3rd quarter edition between all the things that went on between getting RIF from my previous job to finding my new job to GETTING ENGAGED!!!!

Katie at Doing Dewey is a rockstar- because she just rolls with the punches when things are getting topsy-turvy on our collab 🙂

And you may be wondering where is July’s books? Well because we were late in getting things together, we just did August and September. Never fear, we’ll end the year on the right note 🙂

Now on to the books! Continue reading

Futuristic Friday: Find Your New Reads January-March 2021 Edition


It’s January 1st which means it’s a whole new round of #FuturisticFriday: Find Your New Reads selections from Katie at Doing Dewey and myself. A little psst for the historical fiction fans- Katie put some on her list that I absolutely want to read (and think you will too!)

So, take a look at the list and tell me in the comments which one(s) you want to read- I am so READY to hear all about it! Continue reading