Mississippi State Fair 2011

There’s something about a state fair that makes me happy. Maybe it’s the food? In a single place, you can consume more “bad for you, but oh so good” food. Personally, I like to bring a friend who likes fair food and split things with them- that way you can enjoy much more. Penn’s Chicken, funnel cakes, lemonade, cotton candy, roasted corn (ooh, I think I’m drooling)- that and much more can be found at the Mississippi State Fair.

I do enjoy some of the rides, as well. Huge fan of the Pirate Ship (arms raised and screaming), the Scrambler, and the Ferris Wheel. I don’t enjoy the carnival games, but as a kid, I did. Now, much smarter about my money.

The best days at the fair- the weather is sunny with a nice breeze. Arriving around lunch to start eating the best food, ride some rides and watch some fair entertainment. Basically, rinse and repeat until time to leave. That’s a day at the fair!

No telling what kind of food you'll see at a fair!


Ferris Wheel. Something magical about it being lit up at night.