5 Reads To Put The Ho-Ho-Ho In Your Holiday!

Books For The Holidays


I know! I know! It’s just practically the end of September and yet here is a post about holiday reading. I KNOW.

But, it’s happening folks- the holidays are fast approaching, there is only 86 days till Christmas Eve and all that jazz (I’ll refrain from screaming about how many shopping days we have left!)

So, picture this: It’s the holidays and you have a big cup of steaming hot cocoa. The blankets are wrapped around you, maybe the fire is crackling nearby. Possibly there is the scent of freshly baked cookies in the air. When you picture this- what do you picture reading? If it’s a sweet holiday themed book- I’ve got 5 that you should take a gander at (2 I’ve read already and 3 I’m looking to add to my holiday rotation!)

Ready? Let’s check them out shall we………. Continue reading

Evergreen Springs by RaeAnne Thayne

Evergreen Springs by RaeAnne

Photo Credit: Harlequin Books

This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

Evergreen Springs

Cole Barrett is not prepared for Christmas. With a very pregnant sister spending time at the house and his 2 children recently suffering a loss- Cole is just trying to keep one foot in front of the other and is not concerned about the Christmas magic.

Until he meets Devin Shaw.

Devin, a doctor at the hospital, meets Cole on a snowy night when his sister arrives at the hospital after a fall has everyone concerned for her and the pregnancy. When Devin sees the 2 little kids, she is reminded of the power of Christmas and how magical it is through their eyes. Continue reading