Dear Carolina by Kristy Woodson Harvey

dear carolina by kristy woodson harvey

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This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

Dear Carolina

Khaki Mason. Southern. Interior Designer. Does not take “no” for an answer. Besides the death of her first husband, Khaki is the personification of the words “charmed life”.

Jodi, Khaki’s husband’s cousin, is not living the charmed life. She’s the daughter of an alcoholic. Her father has recently died. She’s in love with a man who is content to let her foot his bills and still think it’s ok to talk down to her. And she’s an alcoholic herself.

What do these 2 women have in common? Continue reading

{ ARC Giveaway} Dear Carolina by Kristy Woodson Harvey

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Hey ya’ll! Today, I have a teensy surprise for you. Kristy Woodson Harvey, the debut author of DEAR CAROLINA (out in May 2015), has arranged for Traveling With T to have a super-special giveaway. Kristy knows how I feel about giveaways and she is SO adorable- so she contacted me the other week to let me know that she had some ARC’s and would love, love, love for me to give one away here to one of my lucky readers who love them some women’s fiction. Having already read the synopsis of this book a few months ago- I was pretty excited for ya’ll to get this opportunity 🙂

What is DEAR CAROLINA about? Well, looking at the cover- it’s got a light, sweet feel to it. But the synopsis makes me feel that Kleenex will be needed during this reading… Continue reading