The Wrong Girl by Hank Phillippi Ryan

the wrong girl

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In the world of adoption agencies and foster care- some secrets are worth killing over….

Tuck, a friend of Jane Ryland’s asks Jane one to look into a personal matter. Recently Tuck had been reunited with her birth mother, but after meeting her, Tuck couldn’t shake the feeling that the adoption agency had reunited her with the wrong mother. Tuck tells Jane “What if I’m the wrong girl?” Jane agrees to look into this matter, not knowing what she would find. However, Jane quickly finds that some secrets are so far-reaching, people will go to incredible lengths to keep them buried. Even as far as murder.

Across town Jake Brogan is at a crime scene. A young woman with 2 young children is found dead in the kitchen. First glance, this case looks to be domestic abuse. Jake’s got a nagging feeling, though, especially when he finds an empty cradle. Where’s the baby? And who called 911?

When two employees at the Brannigan are found deceased- Jane and Jake wonder what is going on? And if those deaths have anything to do with the cases they are investigating? Jane is convinced that something is happening at the adoption center- and is determined to find out what it is- and help Tuck in the process. Jake wants to know why someone would go to the trouble to kill the young woman and potentially steal a baby?

Jane knows she is on to something- she just can’t make all the pieces fit together. When she gets a threatening call, though, she knows she needs to get to the bottom of this case- fast! Can Jane help Jake piece together the clues to the crimes he’s trying to solve? And are the crime’s Jake’s working on related to Jane’s search for knowledge of the foster care system?

Jake and Jane, a cop and a reporter. An unlikely pair to say the least. Sparks fly when they are together, though. Will they team up to solve the case? Or will they team up for much more than case-solving?

Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Jane Ryland and Jake Brogan are two characters that a reader should meet. Smart, interesting, and tons of chemistry- the twists and turns of The Wrong Girl would not have been half as fun without those 2 characters. The Wrong Girl has a big cast of characters- and each character slowly reveals a piece of the puzzle needed to solve the mystery.  Entertaining, enjoyable, and most worth a read- The Wrong Girl is filled with suspense. Recommended for readers looking for mystery/suspense and fans of authors like Mary Higgins Clark and Sue Grafton.