How Many Books Did You Read in 2013?

how many books have you read in 2013 fb

Oh Goodreads- while I may be lazy about updating my shelves sometimes- I do love that reading widget. It helps me keep track of how many books I read in current year. Even more- you can see the stats for the year- longest book you’ve read & shows how many books you’ve ranked into 5 stars, 4, 3- so on and on.

So…. How many books have you read?


Here are my stats for the 2013 year**


Book Goals: Read 115 books in 2013

Books Read:  143 books in 2013

5 Star Rated Books: 18

4 Star Rated Books: 68

3 Star Rated Books: 48

2 Star Rated Books: 9

Longest Book Read in 2013: The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton (also a 5 star rated book!)


Compared to 2012, when I read 114 books- 2013 was a much better book year for me!



So.. How many Books Did YOU Read in 2013? Did you exceed your expectations? Looking ahead to 2014- have you clarified your reading goals?




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** Note: At current posting, it’s 143- however, with still a few days left in 2013- very possible to add at least 1 book (perhaps 2).