You Tell Your Dog First by Alison Pace

You Tell Your Dog First by Alison Pace is a book that is about Alison’s adorable dog Carlie. Carlie is the latest of dogs in Alison’s life, but the first one she’s had since she’s been living in NYC (due to finding a dog-friendly apartment).

Carlie is Alison’s best friend, her “person”, the sounding board for day to day life and more. Alison writes the stories of her and Carlie’s life- their day to day interactions with each other, Alison’s family and friends, the general public, and romantic interests in Alison’s life. Each story is sprinkled with humor and the life lessons of loving a dog.

As the book goes on, the reader sees that Carlie has opened Alison to more chances, experiences and people than Alison could have had without Carlie. As I read the book, I fell in love with Carlie- her antics, her love for Alison, just her ways- made Carlie the best. Carlie will melt dog-lover’s hearts with the stories Alison writes.

This book is not all about Carlie, though- Alison learns about things in her own life-family, happiness and love. Things that Alison knew (but is so much sweeter with Carlie at her side).

You Tell Your Dog First– a must for a dog lover, a love song to Carlie, and sprinkled with humor, love and life lessons. Buy it. Read it. Love it.