3 books that make me happy September is almost here!


Normally, September approaches and I’m not a happy camper. The days are getting a bit shorter. The pool is getting ready to be closed down.  Kids are back to school.  And on and on….

However this September, there are 3 books that are making me count down the days!


murder of stacked librarianMurder of a Stacked Librarian by Denise Swanson  (September 3rd)

In Denise Swanson’s latest, Skye is getting married. Maybe. With wedding plans still needing completing, a groom that is too busy to help, and May being suspiciously tight-lipped about things- Skye wonders if she’ll be ready to walk down the aisle- and if she is, will the groom be there? Or will he still be at work at the police station?

Murder, shenanigans, and other things happen in Scumble River. Visit this small town for fun, nice mystery and good characters.









you knew me when   You Knew Me When by Emily Liebert  (September 3rd)

Kitty and Laney. Best friends. Laney has a plan for their future- going to college together, then moving to NYC. But life happens and changes the plan.

Years later, Katherine is now living in NYC, head of cosmetics line, Blend. Katherine is a workaholic- but she loves her life. Then Katherine gets a letter that brings her back home- back to face her old best friend, Laney. A person she has not spoken to in 12 years.

Can the old friends find common ground? And what happened 12 years ago?






w is for wasted

W is for Wasted by Sue Grafton (September 10th)


Sue Grafton’s latest book has Kinsey Millhone digging into the lives of 2 dead men- one she knew and one she’d never met until she saw him in the morgue.

Kinsey wonders several things, and as she looks into the case- she knows she could be opening a box that is best left closed. But Kinsey wouldn’t be Kinsey if she did not get to the bottom of the mystery.

Join in on the latest adventures of Kinsey!





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