Read a book! Read a Book!

It was a weekend of reading- I usually get at least one book read a weekend (it all depends on the weekend plans), but this weekend since I only had these 2 plans: 1. Get rid of tan lines for my bridesmaid dress and 2. Be an Olympic nerd- I was able to get some reading completed.

First, I finished Emily Giffin’s Where We Belong. A good book, very enjoyable. My next bit of reading was The Great Gatsby- not quite finished with the book; but very close. I made huge strides in Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld- less than a 100 pages left. I also finished the 4th installment of The Sweet Life- the ongoing drama of the Wakefield twins.

What did you read this weekend?

The Meryl Streep Movie Club….

I just finished reading The Meryl Streep Movie Club by Mia March. Cannot not say enough good things about the book. Some people are drawing similarities to books such as Jane Austen Book Club and Friday Night Knitting Club, but since I’ve never read those- I’m not sure if books are similar.

I love how the movie of the week for the club helped open a discussion amongst the ladies (and helped shed some light on personal problems). I also liked how each of them did not view the movie the same way- some felt empathy with Meryl Streep’s character, while others did not approve of the choices made in that role.
But no matter agreeing or not, each movie lead to a discussion that was thoughtful and frank.

A movie or a book can lead to wonderful discussions- but sometimes the movie is easier to discuss because it’s a visual experience. Are there any movies or books that have lead to a discussion amongst friends and family?