Book Lovers Unite Week 3 Questions for The Life List discussion


Photo Credit: Goodreads


This is it- the last week of discussion for The Life List.  It’s been a great month of discussion and I’m so proud and pleased! 🙂

Here is the previous weeks discussion- Week 1 and Week 2. And join us for November as we discuss Hush Little Baby!

Questions for Week 3

1. Brett and Brad- did you root for them to couple up? Or was there always a friend vibe between them?

2. Meeting Herbert (Dr. Moyer)- at first Brett is hesitant. The more she gets to know him, though, the more she likes him.  Is Dr. Moyer the kind of man that Brett would be happy with?

3. Sanquita dies and makes Brett promise to take care of her baby. Why did Brett promise? Could you promise?

4. Brett meets her father. And as they get to know each other, Brett wonders why he did not come back after her parent’s divorce? Can you understand John’s reasons? Why didn’t Elizabeth reach out to him?

5. Joad is not happy about Brett adopting Austin. Why? Should Joad’s reaction to the adoption give Brett pause about adopting Austin? When her own flesh and blood thinks it’s a bad idea- does that mean anything? Or does it mean that Elizabeth failed Joad in some way? Did Elizabeth fail Joad in some way?

6. What did you think of the ending? Was it a good ending?