What Is The Role Of A Book Blogger?

Traveling With T What Is the role of a book blogger

A book blogger- what is their role exactly? I am a book blogger. I don’t work for a publishing company. I’m not an independent publicist. I actually make zero money off my blog. No ads. No sponsored posts. Over the last few months, I’ve been thinking more and more about the role of a book blogger- and what I want and can actually achieve for my blog, Traveling With T. Continue reading

Bloggers Made of AWESOME: Becca @ I’m Lost in Books

bloggers made of awesome


This week’s Blogger Made of AWESOME is the amazing Becca from I’m Lost in Books! Becca is something else- she’s the owner of the Google Plus Group Book Bloggers Do It Better, she blogs at I’m Lost in Books, and one of the people behind the blog Book Bloggers International. So, Becca has tons of balls up in the air and she is a juggling master!

Becca is also super-cool because she loves The Baby-Sitters Club- so she’s earned a spot in my bookish loving heart! Continue reading