Author Interview: Julie Kibler, author of Calling Me Home

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Julie Kibler’s debut novel, Calling Me Home, holds a special place in my heart. Not because it’s good (It is, though), but because it was the first She Reads book chosen after I became the She Reads Twitter Chat and Online Discussion Leader. And boy, this book made THAT memorable! I won’t spoil the book by going on and on about it- for 2 reasons- 1. today is all about Julie and 2. I want you to read this book (psst… Goodreads is having a giveaway!)


On to Julie’s interview 🙂


Julie Kibler, author of Calling Me Home

Calling Me Home is your first book, Julie- and it made quite a splash! It will be made into a movie, it was a Pulpwood Queen and She Reads Book Club selection- and several authors posted it on their “must read” lists. How does that make you feel?

It has been an exciting year, to say the least. Some days I have to pinch myself.

Calling Me Home is fiction- but it’s inspiration was from a family story about your grandmother.  Did that make writing this book easier or harder?

It made it easier in that I had a muse in my deceased grandmother and an inkling of a story and an unusual setting. It made it harder because I knew I couldn’t tell the “true” story because of not knowing all the details—I had to really give myself permission to just go with my imagination. I’m sure the resulting story is really very different from what happened to my grandmother. I’d love to know, but that won’t happen this side of the grave!

Has there been any progress made in the news that Calling Me Home will make it to the big screen? Will you, as the author, have a choice in the cast?

I haven’t heard anything new lately. I don’t have any specific rights in cast choice, but I imagine I might be consulted at some point. I figured I’ve done my job—writing the book. The rest is up to the producers and directors!

After writing, the edits and all the other things that go into making a book- when you finally saw the first copy of Calling Me Home- what was your reaction?

I was at the Pulpwood Queen’s Annual Girlfriend Weekend in Jefferson last January and received a box of my books at the bed and breakfast where I was staying. They were intended for giveaways that weekend—my personal copies would arrive the next week. Still, it was an unforgettable moment, feeling the texture of the pages and seeing the lovely buttery yellow of the cloth cover for the very first time. And don’t tell anyone, but I did keep one! 🙂 (I made up for it later.)

Do you have any more book signing events planned?

I’m about to attend the Pulpwood Queen’s 2014 weekend again, this time as a panelist, which is exciting! I have a few Kentucky events in the works for late spring and will be at the DFW Writer’s Conference in early May. Other than the launch events I already did locally, I’m not doing a bookstore tour for the paperback, but often visit with book clubs or do library events or events with other organizations here and there.

Julie- what are you working on next? Are you in the process of gathering ideas for a new book?

I’m working on a new story. I’m really excited about it and hoping to find real time to devote to it this spring. I think readers who enjoyed Calling Me Home will be pleased, as I’m finding myself obsessed once again with the concepts of home, family, and the geography of the road.



*Thanks to Julie for answering the interview questions! Connect with Julie via Facebook or Website.



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