The Things We Keep by Sally Hepworth

the things we keep

Photo Credit: St. Martin’s Press 1/19/16

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The Things We Keep

Anna is 38 years old. Too young to face the idea of Alzheimer’s. And yet- that is exactly what is happening. As this wretched disease begins to take it’s toll on her mind and memories, the idea of Rosalind House is notĀ  the best- but the best of the worst case scenario plans.

At Rosalind House, Anna meets Luke. Around Anna’s age- he also has Alzheimer’s.

While Anna and Luke have trouble remembering things- they form a connection and fall in love. They may not “know” each other. They may not have the happily ever after lifeĀ  that both of them deserve. But for reasons that only love and maybe fate can understand- they found each other and bring each other happiness- and as their memories fade- the allure of happiness is like a sweet melody. Continue reading