Malicious Masquerade


It’s Cindy Bedford’s  wedding day- what should be one of the happiest days of her life. That is, until the groom never shows up for the wedding. Cindy’s dad, Jasper, has always liked Tyler. Tyler works for Jasper and seems to be a good fit in the company and an excellent match for Cindy. When Tyler does not show up, Jasper begins to wonder if he’s made a mistake trusting Tyler. His suspicions grow when he finds that his home safe has been robbed, and several millions have been moved to off-shore accounts.

Cindy, though, believes that Tyler must be in some kind of trouble. So she hires Carter Mays, PI to find Tyler.  Carter takes the job and begins a search for Tyler. As Carter searches for Tyler, he begins to find out some things about Tyler- and yet some things are still just clues.

As the reader gets further in the story, it’s apparent that everyone wants Tyler found. Just some want Tyler found for reasons they are not willing to share. Was Cindy right and Tyler was kidnapped- thus leading to Cindy still getting her happily ever after? Or does the investigation for Tyler lead to more information that could shatter Cindy’s world?

Looking for a quick, easy, enjoyable read? Malicious Masquerade may just be the thing.