Veterans Day…..


Today, people woke up. Some went about the day like it was a normal day. Some probably scowled at the perceived inconvenience of having banks and post office being closed. Some kids were off from school, some were not.

The point is that today- as well as the other days of the year- you woke up to a country that is free. Where you have rights. Where if you want to post on Facebook about the annoyance of the post office being closed- it’s ok. No rogue force is going to grab you out of your house for that (yes- some people may quickly remind you to quit your griping- but you won’t go to jail for it!)

And this is because someone (many someone’s) decided to go and fight for your freedom. Freedoms that you may take for granted. But- they are your freedoms. These men (and now women- but for many years it was just men) put their lives at stake, left their sweethearts, their families behind- and went to places that you have to pull the big world map out to find. They did it because they wanted to. Because they believed in a life that could be better, would be better- a life of freedoms. They believed in the United States and what it stood for.

Today, for many people, we wake up. Eat breakfast. Maybe you grumble because it is Monday. Today- somewhere, others wake up and miss their husbands, wives, dads and moms- some only miss for the short term- some miss forever- because they gave their life.

Today, Allison @ The Book Wheel challenges you to do actually thank a Veteran! Do something! She’s come up with a great list of things- and there are things you can do if you don’t actually know a veteran (or live in an area where there are quite a few.)

And Book-alicious Mama is giving away a copy of MY SPECIAL FORCE by Heather Means- a military wife who lost her husband. The giveaway is open to military families (US or overseas).


For me, today¬† I’ll stop by this local restaurant in town. There is a group of older men- some are in their 80’s and 90’s- and they get together for coffee and shooting the breeze daily. There is a veteran or 2 in the group- and unlimited coffee plus a snack will be purchased for the round table in the back.