Cover Reveal: Our Place on the Island by Erika Montgomery


Way back in 2020 (everyone remember THAT year?!) I had the opportunity of doing a cover reveal for an author that I really respect and admire- Erika Montgomery! The cover of A Summer to Remember was wonderful and the book was even better (read my review of A Summer to Remember!)

So the other day, when I was taking a break on my road trip to Nashville for Church Communicators Conference and I saw an IG message from Erika- COLOR ME PLEASED AS PUNCH to see that she wanted me to reveal another cover for a new book ( Our Place on the Island- coming out 6.13.2023 and available for preorder now!)


About Our Place on the Island:


For decades, the Campbell women have reunited at the family’s rambling seaside cottage known as Beech House to celebrate life’s many occasions. But this year, they will be called back to Martha’s Vineyard for a celebration of a different sort: their beloved matriarch Cora is getting remarried. And all the town gossips are calling him the one who got away, years ago…

For renowned chef Mickey Campbell, this wedding isn’t just a welcome excuse to return to the place she first learned to cook at her grandmother’s side. It’s also a chance to regroup while she figures out a way to tell her smoldering head chef boyfriend that she’s mismanaged their restaurant into the red.

Mickey’s mother, Hedy, is still mourning the passing of her adored father three years earlier, and she isn’t sure she’s ready to welcome a new man into the fold—and she’s not certain her own thorny relationship with her mother will weather the storm of her upcoming marriage.

But everyone knows a woman’s heart holds more than meets the eye. For Cora, drawing her daughter and granddaughter back to Beech House isn’t just about a ceremony, but a chance to reveal a history she has kept close to her heart for decades. As the days leading up to the wedding unfold, secrets of Cora’s past come to light– a secret that will cause three generations of Campbell women to question marriage, motherhood, and ultimately learn to savor the delicious joy of following your own heart.

Told in dual timelines on the sumptuous beaches of Martha’s Vineyard, OUR PLACE ON THE ISLAND is the sparkling, romantic read of the season.




Doesn’t this sound like the perfect book to read over the summer?! And of course I’m all starry eyed about the wedding because I’m getting married in 2023 ( and fingers crossed I get an early copy to read on my honeymoon 😉

While you are marking the days to Our Place on the Island releases- check out Erika Montgomery‘s website. Besides being a place to keep up with book news, she also has a video of how to make a special drink from her previous book- A Summer to Remember.



*Will you be adding Our Place on the Island to your Want to Read list on Goodreads?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T


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