Hello 2022, Goodbye 2021


2022 has just begun and I am reminded of a Facebook meme that says something to the effect of “Nobody claim 2022 as your year. Every one walk in real slow.” I have to say that I have laughed a few times at that post as I’ve thought about goals for 2022.

2019 was tiring between my mom’s back surgery and breast cancer, my SIL’s health crisis and my diabetes diagnosis.

So I was looking forward to 2020. But as we all know- COVID-19 came and it’s altered life.

I was hoping that 2021 was going to be fantastic (and parts of it was) but COVID still being a concern put a damper on the year.

Getting hired to work in the marketing department at a local hospital was pretty cool thing for 2021- I enjoy my job and feel like I am learning a lot. Plus, I love making graphics and posts for the social media pages.

Another big thing for 2021- I fell in love.

It still feels weird to type that. Like  I’m having one of those dreams where I am running late to take the SAT and realize I left the calculator behind. Or brought a # 3 pencil and you could only test with # 2 pencils.

Part of me wishes I had met him when I was a bit younger- but the bigger part of me knows that for whatever reasons- this was the right time to meet him. I’ve dated some real “winners” so I appreciate him more than what I may have if I had met him when I was younger.


He’s been good to me. He makes me laugh. He’s thoughtful. He understands that there are some days I feel tired and don’t feel like doing anything. Or that there are nights that a hot date night with me is us watching TV and me falling asleep. He took me to see Christmas lights all season long. He enjoys talking with my parents.

2021 brought us some fun adventures- from seeing ZZ Top to Callaway Gardens. And it brought us some quiet times- just hanging out at his house, him cooking for me while I blog and drink wine.

I’m hoping for more fun with him in 2022.

My books and blog life took a hit in 2021. Getting up M-F at 6am and driving 45 minutes to work is a bit challenging some days. I enjoy my job, but I also miss out on some reading and blogging time that I’ve had to give back to make room in my schedule for me commute ( and my time at the gym.)

I’m working on books and blog goals- and hope to have a post soon!


I hope 2022 is filled with many good things. 🙂


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T


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