Today is a BIG Day! All The Baby-Sitters Club books are available on Audible!


Today is a BIG day, folks. ALL The Baby-Sitters Club books are available on Audible. Yes, you read that correctly. ALL THE BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE ON AUDIBLE.

How chilly is that? (Chilly is BSC speak for cool- in case you did not know!)


Even more cool? Elle Fanning (you might remember her from Maleficent) narrates books 1-5. The other books in the series will be narrated by a group of young actresses.


Audible sent me 2 of The Baby-Sitters Club books to listen to and I must say that I have been on such a nostalgia trip! Confession: When the books became available on Kindle- I bought 1-12 of the Super-Special BSC books for my Kindle so that if I needed a nostalgia read- it would be easy to find!

As I started listening to Kristy’s Big Day, I realized that this one was a book I could not recall much about and I wondered why because I did like the character of Kristy- but quickly remembered that this book had a big focus on the wedding of Kristy’s mom and Watson and Karen Brewer (one of Watson’s children) was featured fairly prominently in this book ( thus leading the way for the series of Baby-Sitters Little Sister books, which I only read 1 of because even at my tender age of 8/9/10, Karen was a bit much to take.)

So, for me, the narration was great in Kristy’s Big Day (Brittany Pressley did a great job narrating each character )even though I would want to fast-forward during the parts that Karen was speaking- nothing against Brittany- she narrated Karen perfectly- I just always found Karen a bit too much- toooooo cutesy.

All in all, I enjoyed listening to Kristy’s Big Day- even though it was not my fave of The Baby-Sitters Club books.


Moving on to one of my favorite books- my parents gave me for a birthday Logan Likes Mary Anne! and The Ghost At Dawn’s House and I have a particular soft spot in my heart for Logan Likes Mary Anne! because I identified with Mary Anne in some ways and the book just kinda spoke to me. ❤

So, naturally, I had HUGE anticipation for this book. And it did not disappoint. Thumbs up, Emily Bauer! Whoo!


While I did not listen to Kristy’s Mystery Admirer, I remember ordering this one from the Scholastic Book Fair (LOVED it!) and just having such a good feeling all during the reading of this book!


Because I define becoming a reader due to a couple of things (AnnM. Martin and my mom picking up The Baby-Sitters Club books for me- note: This was during a time when you could only check out 2 at a time from the library! TORTURE!) hearing that The Baby-Sitters Club books were coming to Audible was such a dream- my inner child was dancing!!!


When I saw this sign at Book Expo 2019, I wanted to dance, sing, jazz hands and even do a cartwheel. I refrained from doing all that for real- but inside, I was a mess of happy emotions!


So, today- with the BIG news that The Baby-Sitters Club is available on Audible- I highly encourage you to pick up a couple of nostalgia reads, pour a tall glass of lemonade and just let your adult life melt away as you recall the stories of the best friends you’ll ever have. Another fun idea: Buy a few for your daughter or niece to listen to- it just might be the start of a beautiful relationship with reading 🙂


*Which one of The Baby-Sitters Club books on Audible are you picking up first?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T


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